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Shane Harchfield


Shane repented and believed the gospel his senior year of high school. After graduating high school, he attended Union University where he had a lot of good experiences, but also was able to develop some strong relationships with men (Preston, Paul, Glenn, and Jay just to name a few) who spurred him on in his walk with Jesus.  He also began to work with students at Beaver Baptist for the next six years.  Shane said of his early student ministry here, "many people attend church, but I can honestly say I experienced it here at Beaver. The love and sense of community I felt continues to motivate me to this day."


Shane moved to Louisville, KY to attend The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  "The greatest thing I learned at Southern was that my responsibility as a pastor/elder is to teach the Bible in such a way that people learn to study for themselves."  His time in Louisville brought about two other great changes,  he met his beautiful bride, Jennie, and they began a family.  Shane and Jennie have three daughters, Carlie, Anna Grace, and Clara Beth and one son, Seth Michael.


The Lord gave the Harchfield family a burden for people that have never heard the good news.  So after both Shane and Jennie completed seminary, they moved their family to East Asia with the desire to be light in a dark place.  Shane was able to teach at a university in their city while encouraging a few of the most faithful brothers and sisters he had ever met.  

"In April 2016, the Father providentially brought our family back to Beaver where we are shepherding this growing group of people and are asking the Father to use us here to help many others experience church." 

- Shane Harchfield