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BeaverKids is our ministry to infants through 5th graders.  Our desire is to reinforce what parents and guardians are teaching their children in such a way that they are transformed by His grace.   


In order to accomplish this mission,

the Leadership Team of BeaverKids:

  • Aim to equip, support and encourage parents/guardians.  We know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.

  • Pray and intercede for children and families.

  • Teach for response, aiming for God-loving and God-fearing hearts and lives more than just head knowledge.

  • Offer God-Centered curricula.

  • Model God’s truths and character.



We have classes for all ages of BeaverKids on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights. 

Every year we have Sports Camp for kids ages 4-5th grade. We teach your kids basketball, soccer, and cheer. However, the point of our sports camp is to share the gospel with your kids! 

We believe it is important that kids have a time where they can have fun and let loose, but we believe it is more important that they know that they can become a part of the family of God. 

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